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REL Acoustics Ltd

REL Reference No 25 now on display
Our Reference subwoofers allow us the opportunity to pursue the perfect
reproduction of sound, while letting nothing get in our way. Our
designers and engineers can dream big and take huge leaps in innovation.
The result is truly reference level subwoofers that can extend the
soundstage of the most renowned speakers and systems, bringing
incredible clarity to the mid-tones in perfect synchronicity.

Rel S3 SHO

Habitat 1

S/5 Super high power

Fit your Space
Habitat1 is a brilliant new concept that takes sub bass to new levels by incorporating the room, your Habitat, into its design. It is common in design circles to speak of taking the room into account, but never has the complete system approach employed by REL been utilized so utterly to one singular purpose. Perfect, deep bass that emanates almost invisibly from somewhere hidden within the room.
REL Habitat 1   $1,999
SALE on demo $1,599
Power and Performance
The beautifully balanced S/3.S/3 SHO derives from the flagship S/5 SHO and offers a more compact footprint and much of S/5 SHO performance for use with either slightly more modest systems or rooms that cannot handle the power and output of S/5 SHo.

Qualitatively, it is the equal of S/5 SHO, sans the grand scale, power and majesty of its larger sibling.Beautifully balanced, S/3 SHO offers powerful, incisive and beautifully balanced performance.
The Serie S Flagship
S/5 SHO exceeds the mandate for mid-level models and crosses this model into true reference quality. S/5 SHO produces exceptionally low bass with tremendous impact and speed. Even difficult-to-render instruments such as pipe organs are dealt with effortlessly.

Large scale, high end 2-channel systems make a perfect pairing for S/5 SHO and grand theaters are ideal. Medium to grand rooms are appropriate. 

Rel 212 SE

REL Serie S

Rel Ti Serie

REL S5 $2,200
REL S3 $1,999
REL S2 $1,499

We at Sunny's like the REL 212SE so much that we stock at least four units at all times
The 212/SE was engineered to not only make your heart pound and walls shake, but restore midrange warmth and harmonic structure, while providing a powerful, rich low-end.

This combination of speed, power and grace driving multiple room modes (forward, down and rear) makes it ideally suited for high-end two-channel, grand rooms and dedicated theaters, allowing larger state of the art speakers to spring to full voice.

REL 212SE $3,995
A versatile new system
Sets a new standard for overall performance in this price category.

REL t9i $1,249
REL t7i $999
REL t5i $749

JL Audio


JL Audio F112

JL E Series

One demo unit in stock, $7,995. (Retail $12,000)
E110- Black Ash $1,499
E112- Black Ash $1,899
Two new units in stock.$2,500. (Retail $3,100)


SB-2000 $699
PB-2000 $799
SVS SB13 Ultra $1,699


T+A Criterion TC610 W Sub-Woofer

This active sub-woofer is yet another completely new development. Its amplifier is based on the overall design of our switch-mode output stages of discrete construction (they do not employ standard off-the-peg chips), which have already proved to perform superbly in our TCI active loudspeakers. The amplifier offers unsurpassed dynamic abilities and speed, and its power reserves and sound qualities are equally impressive. An output of more than 1000 Watts is available, and the amplifier is directly coupled to a pair of special 26 cm drivers of very low resonance frequency, capable of enormous excursions. The net result is an exceptional standard of deep bass reproduction and tremendous stability under load – a combination which has never been achieved before. We have equipped the active unit with a modern signal processor which controls the whole system; automatic calibration to match the listening room is possible using the microphone supplied in the set.
The calibration software, which is an in-house development, also offers the option of using a PC to calibrate the sub-woofer’s output and frequency response to suit the listening room to match individual preferences. The remote control handset included with the speaker has many useful set-up facilities, such as user-variable limit frequencies and continuous level and phase control from the listening location.
As you would expect, the TCD 610 W also features a sophisticated protective circuit and automatic power-on facility.
T+A TC610 W SE Accurate Subwoofer