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Digital Source: Streamers and Servers

Brinkmann Nyquist, A Complete Digital Hub Roon and MQA.

Digital So Good, Only An Analog Expert Could Make It  
Authored by the newly expanded Brinkmann design team, "Nyquist" sets new standards in convenience, sonic excellence and lasting value.  Nyquist was designed with the Brinkmann Balance turntable as a reference. This DAC sounds more analog than anything else we have ever heard. The Nyquist is Roon ready, MQA optimized and ready for 2017. It is also upgradeable.
We at Sunny's have one on display. Come visit us.

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T+A MP3100 HV On Display

The Multi Source SACD-Player
The MP 3100 HV is our latest and most sophisticated multi-media player. The basic design philosophy stems from the MP 3000 HV, but the MP 3100 HV is now capable of carrying out the full signal processing of DSD bitstream data in addition to processing PCM data to impeccable standards. This extensive development was necessitated by the machine’s new integral disc mechanism: an SACD drive which is a completely new development, featuring the very latest decoder, and capable of reading CD (PCM 44.1 kSps ) and SACD (DSD 64 2.8 MHz) discs at the highest possible quality. The other digital sources, both integral and external, also benefit from this new improvement. As in the MP 3000 HV, PCM data is converted using our outstanding double differential quadruple converter for all the digital signal processing. DSD data are handled by the unique analogue true 1-bit DSD converter from the PDP 3000 HV, which processes the DSD data in native form as a bitstream rather than converting them.

This makes it possible to reproduce DSD data up to DSD 512, as delivered by the USB input of the digital connecting board, to the highest level of quality. The machine’s streaming client takes the form of the new T+A high-res streaming board, which provides maximum resolution as well as the facility to access various music services, Internet radio, inclusion in the home network via LAN and WLAN, USB Master Mode and HD streaming from network servers. The tuner offers FM, FM-HD and DAB+ capability, and delivers excellent sound. The MP 3100 HV also includes a high-quality Bluetooth streaming module for transferring music from mobile devices. The MP 3000 HV and MP 3100 HV, or even an entire HV system, are controlled using the FD 100 radio remote control handset or the T+A Control App.

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Naim Audio NAC-N 272 streaming preamplifier

When you want single-box convenience with separates performance, combine this streamer/DAC/pre with a power amp such as the Naim Audio NAP 300.

Naim Audio Uniti Core hard disk player and server

Rip your CDs directly into this hard disk server, and stream to up to 12 network players. Can also be connected directly to a DAC, functioning as a local source.

Versatility and Performance
The clue is in the name: this system is the star of the show. With plenty of features and the ability to play, rip, store and serve your treasured music collection, Uniti Star offers infinite possibilities. Stream your music in high-resolution, play or rip your CDs, tune in to your favourite radio stations, access a world of music with a host of streaming services and dramatically improve the audio quality of your TV or games console. Ready to go with practically any speaker set-up, Uniti Star will have you rediscovering your entire music collection with a deep, immersive sound.

Pairs well with Golden Ear Technologies Triton 5 Towers at $995 each
Amazing with Technics SU-G30 floorstanding speakers at $2495.00 each.
( Get a free pair of AudioQuest Rocket 88 Speaker cables with a system purchase $899.00 value )

Naim Audio Uniti Star

Naim Audio Uniti Nova Reference Uniti Range 80WPC

Uniti Nova is proof that an all-in-one player can deliver audiophile
quality. Whichever source you choose, your music will be transformed
into a stunning sonic experience. The reference player in the range,
Uniti Nova has been configured to offer the very best solution that we
can implement in a single-box, compact enclosure. All the available
space has been used to provide 80 watts per channel of Class A/B
amplification capable of driving the most demanding loudspeakers –
detail and depth you’ll hear in every note, riff and chorus.

Pairs well with Aerial Acoustics Model 6T and 7T.
For a Reference system Wilson Audio Sabrinas make this system Sublime.

Aurender N10 streamer and server

Aurender's upper mid-level streamer and server with 4TB of onboard storage, and a 240GB SSD cache drive. Digital nerds will love its OCXO clock, and FPGA based circuits, but all of us will love the utterly black silence the music emerges out of.

Aurender N100H streamer and server

Aurender's smaller audiophile streamer and server with 2TB of onboard storage. It has a 120GB solid-state drive cache, allowing it to spin down the noisy hard disk drives as you play music. 

Aurender A10 streamer, server, and DAC

The server has 4TB onboard storage, and a 120GB SSD cache. But this version also has analog outputs, with a dual mono DAC and XLR or RCA outputs. Run it as a server with the USB output, or use it as a digital source and preamp, with a velocity-sensitive volume knob.

Bluesound Vault 2, server, ripper, DAC

Bluesound offers amazing sound at an entry-level price point. The Vault 2 has 2TB of storage, and automatically rips CDs, pulling in album art and track names, and integrating them with the library. The Vault 2 also has a DAC with analog RCA outputs, so it can be used as a digital source. It will effortlessly serve up multizone audio to other Bluesound products such as the Node 2 or Powernode 2.


A complete digital streamer with expansion capability. Don't underestimate this Sony. We have conencted it to some really high-end equipment, and it sounds great. Build quality is excellent too. 

Manufacturer webpage

T+A MP2000 R

T+A has built the finest sounding CD Players. This unit also has a fine network streamer. Access your wide collection of albums via a NAS.

T+A MP3000HV

T+A MP3000 HV Multi Source Player.