T+A HV Series promotion....


T+A -- Amplifier A3000HV + Outboard Powersupply PS3000HV

  Retail priced at $35000.00 Sale at $11000

T+A -- P3000 Pre-amplifier with MC Phono board -- Retail $21,500 Sale@ $11,500

T+A -- PA3100HV Integrated Amplifier with MC Phono board -

Retail $25,900 Sale $17,500

T+A Solatiare CWT-1000-8SE Anniversary edition with Carbon fiber finish and upgraded Feet etc.
Retail price of $60000.00 Sale priced at $32000.00

Music power handling
450 Watts
Frequency range
26 – 40000 Hz
High frequency driver
Max. sound pressure
> 120dB
83 kg

T+A M10 Anniversary Mono Blocks -- Retail priced at $45000 Sale priced at $21000

 The V-series has found a new flagship: the M 10 mono power amplifier.This sensational amplifier is an ingenious combination of classic "State of the Art" valve technology, the latest transistor developments, and extremely innovative circuit topology. We deliberately designed a preliminary stage incorporating valves to ensure that their audiophile characteristics define the amplifier's overall sound. The higher the power of an output stage, the more difficult it is to obtain that power using pure valve-based concepts. In reality it is impossible to achieve extreme power levels from a pure valve amplifier, while providing a product safe for use in the home. For this reason an obvious solution is to design modern, highly sophisticated transistor circuits which are responsible for the pure power amplification, and to fine-tune these circuits to produce a perfect match to the system as a whole. The circuit concept exploited in the M 10 is a completely new development, and is so incredibly stable and refined that we have been able to avoid the use of overall negative feedback completely. In short: we have exploited the advantages of valve and transistor technology to the full, and avoided the disadvantages!
No-compromise mechanical design
The whole V-series has set new standards all over the world in respect of materials used, mechanical refinement and workmanship. For the M 10 our developers insisted on using only the finest components. We work "from the solid": the heat-sinks are pressed in a single process using extremely powerful tools, while the shielding enclosures are machined from solid blocks. The waste heat generated is considerable, but the substantial material mass reliably and constantly dissipates the energy, with the result that the M 10 does not require a cooling fan in spite of its huge power. All the materials used in the amplifier section are amagnetic, and the mains power supply transformers are housed inside a steel shielding chamber. The M 10's overall mass of 52 kg guarantees that it is completely de-coupled from the outside world!
Revolutionary circuit topology
The M 10 features an overall circuit design which is unique in the world: all the voltage amplification is carried out with the help of valves (tubes), and all the valves operate in Class A mode, resulting in a superbly harmonious sound image. The musical and tonal advantages of valve technology determine the character of the M 10. A highly linear symmetrical differential cascode amplifier serves as input stage. The subsequent voltage amplifier stage features two 6SN7 triode valve systems in parallel with high bias current and low output resistance to perfectly drive the following current amplifier stages.The result is that the whole amplifier offers excellent bandwidth, linearity and speed.
All the amplifier stages of the M 10 are designed in such a way that they are totally linear and undistorted in operation. Achieving this performance requires the use of nothing but the best possible components; these parts are carefully matched to each other and calibrated in-house for each machine using sophisticated selection processes.The level of linearity and bandwidth achieved with the M 10 is so high that it has been possible to completely avoid the use of overall negative feedback.
Twin output stages
Another special and unique feature of the M 10 is the duplication of the output current amplifier (power amplifier). Each of these output amplifiers is capable of up to 1000 Watts, and each is connected to a pair of loudspeaker terminals. The two output amplifiers can either be wired in parallel - in order to increase current delivery capability - or in bi-amping mode; in this case a separate signal is fed to the bass and mid-range / high-frequency circuits of suitable loudspeakers, i.e. types equipped with bi-amping terminals.Even if the loudspeaker connected to the amplifier is not fitted with bi-wiring / bi-amping terminals, the two loudspeaker outputs can still be connected to the loudspeaker terminals using separate cables. In this configuration all the internal and external speaker leads are wired in parallel, and all four loudspeaker relays present in the M 10 also operate in parallel, resulting in extremely low dynamic internal resistance, and optimum damping for the loudspeaker. The outcome is excellent control of speaker cone travel, maximum possible control in the bass range, and superb detail resolution in music reproduction.

T+A P10-2 We have a MINT Store Demo Preamplifier for sale
Matches the M-10 very well
Retail priced at $18000
Sale priced at $7995.00

 T+A G-2000 Ultimate Turntable with MC phono stage built in with Clearaudio Tonearm.
This table retails for $9950.00 Sale priced at $5995.00
Technics Special Promotion

Technics Grand class 700 series special promotion

Purchase a pair of Technics Premium Class SB-C700 in White finish Speakers (Retail at $1699.00 ) Sale priced at $1099.00

Premium Class SU-C700 Amplifier ( Retail $1699.00 ) Sale priced at $1099
This Amplifier has a great headphone Amplifier.

REL T5i Sub-Woofer ( Retail $799.00 )

10ft pair AudioQuest Rocket 88 Speaker cables (Retail $899 ) Sale priced at 599

Audioquest Niagara 1000 Power Conditioner ( Retail $999 ) sale priced at $799

AudioQuest Nighthawk headphones ($699.00 ) Sale priced at 249

Add a Technics Grand Class SL-1200GR ($1695.00 )

Add a Network Audio Player ST-C700  ($1095.00 )$799

Add a CD Player SL-C700                        ($1095 )


Audio Research Reference 750 Monoblock Amplifier, Demo
The Reference 750 redefines all expectations of what is possible from an amplifier in a music playback system.  It is the culmination of everything Audio Research knows about amplifier design and manufacture – High Definition in its purest, most dynamic form.
Retail price $55,000 for the pair.

Sale price $21995 when purchased as a complete system.


T+A Sale, Factory Demos

T+A P10-2 Preamplifier
T+A P10-2 Valve Preamplifier
Retail Price $15,000
Sale Price 8995.00
T+A R Serie Stack
T+A PA1260R,Silver, Retail $6,000
Special price $3495. Integrated
T+A P1260R, Silver, Retail $6,000
Special price $3,495. Preamp
Matches well with Wilson Sabrina
T+A G 1260R
High-end turntable. A high-quality turntable for the R-series of equipment has long been right at the top of our customers’ wish list. And here it is: unique in design and quite superb in its sound quality.
Retail $5,995. Sale $2995
Rega tonearm.
Sonics Allegria Speakers, Pearwood finish
The Sonics Allegria are made in Germany. These speakers are fantastic, and we love the German wood finishes.
We have the Sonics available for demonstration.
Retail $20,000
Our price $12,995. Only $9995 when purchased with electronics.
Gauder Acoustics, Used
Cassiano Model in Gloss Zebrano Finish, one pair. In original Factory packaging.
These speakers retailed for $18,500.
We are offering these at $7495.00
Special promotions are to be had with purchase.
They match well with T+A Elektroakustic R2000 & R2500 Integrated Amplifier.
GoldenEar Triton 7,3,2
One pair of traded in MINT Condition Model 7 speakers
One pair of Triton 3 demos
One pair of Triton 2 demos
One pair of new Triton 2 and Triton3 speakers for sale
VTL MB-450 Series 111 Signature Monoblock pair in Black finish. New in box. Retail $20k For sale at $13500.00

Music lovers have long admired the VTL MB-450 Signature monoblock amplifier for outstanding performance at a fair value. The new Series III version of the long-standing MB-450 platform features a complete re-working of the entire signal path. Upgrades include a fully balanced differential input stage driving a differential phase splitter and a lower impedance push-pull output stage with a dramatically improved, fully balanced and enhanced interleaved and coupled output transformer. VTL’s innovative engineering brings the legendary sonic performance of the venerable 450 Signature platform to even greater heights.
The new MB-450 Signature monoblocks gain further sonic benefits with a shorter, faster and fully balanced negative feedback loop, with zero global negative feedback. The negative feedback loop completely eliminates ringing and requires no capacitor compensation to maintain critical phase integrity and information. The result is an amplifier that remains stable even under the most demanding loads.
Adjustable precision-regulated bias and screen supplies hold the output tube operating point constant even under AC and main power supply fluctuations, and stabilizes the critical power supplies yielding tonal stability and sonic integrity especially during complex, dynamic signal conditions.
Another new feature is a user adjustable Damping Factor feedback control that allows the user to adjust the amplifier’s output impedance by varying the amount of negative feedback.  Impedance can now be precisely set to suit the listener’s taste, and to improve control of the loudspeaker loads to deliver best performance.
The 4 possible settings are:
LOW – Lowest damping factor, good loudspeaker control, most natural sound.
MED – Better loudspeaker control, with some impact on sound quality
HI – Best loudspeaker control, with a little more impact on sound quality, but on speakers that need the control the sonic improvement is clear
MAX – Maximum damping factor, but sonic impact is noticeable
Finally, the amplifier has been substantially re-voiced with premium Mundorf silver oil capacitors, for a sweeter, more extended top end and mid range tonality that sounds more relaxed, with better flow and integration. Input stage capacitors are also bypassed.
Even a brief listen to the new MB-450 Series III monoblock reveals the successful implementation of the new technology. The mid bass has more authority and control while the critical midrange exhibits a new effortlessness in reflecting the natural instrumental colors and timbres. This greater sense of ease and control of the critical mid bass and midrange area enables the top end to sound completely natural and unconstrained. The impact of the music’s broad brushstrokes is unmistakable, while at the same time, the listener enjoys the indelible intimacy and micro-dynamics that lay deep inside favorite recordings. 
Martin Logan ESL-13A Factory Demo pair in Gloss Black.
Stunning pair. Retail: $15000.00 Call us for price.

One pair on special promotion.
Expression ESL 13A is the artful presentation of audio focused solely on
intensifying your emotional experience. Featuring a 13-inch (CLS™)
XStat™ electrostatic transducer, dual 10-inch PoweredForce Forward™
woofers powered by dual 300-watt Class-D amplifiers, and controlled by a
24-Bit Vojtko™ DSP Engine and ARC™ (Anthem Room Correction).
Audio is both real, and imagined. There is the fact of the sound. And there is the feeling that the sound arouses within us.
This feeling is the inspiration behind the new Expression ESL 13A. Like the Expressionist masterpieces, this artful presentation of audio is focused solely on intensifying your emotional experience. It’s a virtually transparent audio performance that transports you to a new landscape of the senses.
The Art of Emotion in Audio
The Expression ESL 13A is part of the Masterpiece Series. It features a dual 10-inch woofer system with ARC-honed performance, for perfectly blended low-frequency response. The groundbreaking integration of this woofer array with MartinLogan’s signature 13-inch wide XStat CLS Transducer, coupled with a powerful dual amplifier section, delivers an expressive and dynamic audio experience, with less coloration. It reveals the pure emotional impact of your audio.
Look at the familiar elements of the classic MartinLogan electrostatic loudspeaker: Advanced MicroPerf stator technology, which allows for almost twice the exposed electrostatic diaphragm surface as a traditional electrostatic panel of the same size. The panel is reinforced with rigid ClearSpar™ spacers, keeping an exact level of tension on the vacuum-bonded diaphragm without obscuring the beautiful see-through design. Add the slender, pointed-arrow design of the new AirFrame™ Blade construction; a powerfully evocative composition creating a harmonious connection between the panel and its woofer cabinet.
Now notice some radical refinements: Inspired by our own breakthrough design, we have reinvented the Expression ESL 13A woofer section, powered by new dual 300-watt Class-D amplifiers, and controlled by a 24-Bit Vojtko™ DSP Engine and ARC™ (Anthem Room Correction).
Using two 10-inch laser-engineered low-distortion aluminum cone woofers in independently enclosed compact chambers, exclusive PoweredForce Forward™ bass alignment technology controls the interaction between the rear-firing woofer and the wall behind that woofer. With smart phase-shifting logic, we minimize the effect that wall has on bass information that might bounce back into the listening room. This uniform frequency response results in realistic bass effects you can feel. It’s one more way MartinLogan innovation improves your listening experience in any room.

KEF Speakers for sale !

KEF Speakers on SALE

KEF R700 -- 1 pair Black finish. Store Demos Floorstanding
KEF R500 -- 1Pair Black finish Sealed new in box.
KEF Q950-- 2 pair black
KEF Q550 -- 1 pair Black
KEF Q650C--2 each center channel black.
KEF R50-- 1 pair Dolby Atmos speakers.

KEF T Series 301 LCR Pack in White _ T301C Center channel

KEF Ci3160RL-THX --5 each R series UNI-Q Rectangle in wall Theater and music speakers
Silver finish.

KEF LS50 -- Demo Black Retail --$1600 Sale $995.00
KEF LS50W--Gloss Black and blue

New Arrivals....
KEF R11 -- $2499 each
KEF R7 -- Black $1899 each
KEF R5 -- $1399 each
KEF R2C- Center channel Black. $1199.00 each
KEF R Series in stock.
KEF Subwoofers Q-12

Misc Items for sale.

Vienna Acoustics : Webern on wall Black 3 each Retail $1500.00 each Sale $995 each
Vienna Acoustics Berg Silver 1 pair
Vienna Acoustics Maestro Grand Piano black
Vienna Acoustics Baby grand Piano Black

Revel 1 pair Concerta F12 -- Black finish
Revel 2 each Concerta B120  2Silver Subwoofers
Revel 1 each - Performa C32 center channel Natural cherry.

Dynaudio Focus 210C New Walnut finish.
Dynaudio XEO 5 High gloss White.
Aerial 1 each 7CC Black Store Demo

Dali -- 1 pair Rubicon 8 -- Store Demo
Dali -- 1 pair Rubicon 2 -- Store Demo
1 pcs- BASIS 100
1 pcs- MENTOR 1 - CHERRY

Aerial model 9 -- Cherry finish

Martin logan 1 pair Gloss Black  ESL
Martin Logan Electromotion FX-2 -- 1 pair

T+A Criterion TCD110 High Gloss Macassar Ebony.Retail $17500.00 Sale $8995.00
T+A Criterion TCD210S Macassar Ebony Retail $14,500 Sale $7495.00
T+A Criterion TCD410S Gloss Macassar Ebony/Gloss White Retail $6500 Sale $2995

T+A Pulsar R20 Bookshelf speaker-- Black New -- Retail $2500.00 Sale $1250.00



2 - SS88IWS in-wall subs.

Martin Logan Subwoofers
2 - 1500X

4 - KUBE12b - BLACK New $699 Open Box $599.00 12 inch subwoofer.

1 - SB2000 - BLACK ASH
1 - PB2000 -  Couldn’t see color

1- S12EQ

Marantz Electronics...

2 - MM8077
1 - AV8802
1 - AV7702
2 - NR1606
1 - SR5010 - NO REMOTE

Custom Install Products

Patio Speakers

Sonance -- 3 pair Mariner 51W White 5 1/4 size
Sonance -- 3 pair Mariner 63W White 6 1/$ Size

Martin Logan ML-55 Outdoor 1 pair.

Revel -- 3 each W-990 In-Wall speaker
Revel -- 1 each C-780 in-Wall Speaker
Revel -- 2 each C-580 In Wall Speaker
Revel -- 2 each W-890
Revel Concerta -- 3 each IC-80

Sonance VP87R -- 7.5 pair
Sonance VP82R -- 1 pair
Sonance VP49S-SST 1 pair
Sonance Ceiling LCR1S -- 3 each
Sonance Ceiling Sur 1S -- 2 each
Sonance VP49 -- 4 pair

AudioQuest Power Cables

AudioQuest Power Cables
4 - 2m - 20amp -- $600.00 each.
1 - 1m - 20amp -- $500.00

2 - 2m - 15amp -- $600
1 - 1m - 15amp -- $500

Revel -- 3 each W-990 In-Wall speaker
Revel -- 1 each C-780 in-Wall Speaker
Revel -- 2 each C-580 In Wall Speaker
Revel -- 2 each W-890
Revel Concerta -- 3 each IC-80

Sonance VP87R -- 7.5 pair
Sonance VP82R -- 1 pair
Sonance VP49S-SST 1 pair
Sonance Ceiling LCR1S -- 3 each
Sonance Ceiling Sur 1S -- 2 each
Sonance VP49 -- 4 pair