CH Precision L1 Pre-Amplifier

The uttermost quality of a preamplifier is its transparency. The source is selected and the volume is applied, however the original audio characteristics and signal dynamics are fully retained. The L1, a dual monaural analog line level preamplifier, was developed using this approach. It is a pure class A, ultra low noise, high bandwidth, fully balanced transistor based design. It provides the shortest path between input and output, maintaining the highest speed, transparency and musicality, allowing the L1 to become a truly exceptional preamplifier.

Jeff Rowland Chorus PreAmplifier with PSU Now in stock.

The Corus Stereo Preamplifier delivers the Jeff Rowland hallmark of a sensuous and grain free musicality, combined with astonishing transparency and low level resolution. A broad 3-dimensional sound stage materializes into the physical listening space, where instruments and vocalists assume the textured appearance of solid existence.
The preamplifier yields exceptional frequency extension and linearity, with magnificent bass definition, an extraordinarily complex exposure of harmonic structure, and a sweetly filigreed treble. The Corus yields amazingly nuanced low level detail and micro-dynamics, and outperforms every previous Rowland preamplifier with its transient speed, staggering authority, and breath-taking macro dynamics.

 We have this Pre-Amplifier in our main system with Vandersteen Model 7 Series 2 and Jeff Rowland's 625 S2 Amplifier.

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Jeff Rowland Capri S2 with Phono HP

The Capri S2 features an impressive complement of standard input/output interfaces; greatly enhanced flexibility through its optional DAC card or phono option; and the Rowland trademark prismatic platinum faceplate beautifully integrated into a non-resonant chassis milled from a solid block of aluminum.
With an output impedance of only 80 Ohms balanced and 40 Ohms single ended, Capri S2 drives any amplifier with confidence. Whether serving a single-ended triode amplifier in a vinyl rig, or controlling a quartet of solid-state Rowland M525 monoblocks with a 192 kHz digital source, or at the nexus of a home theater setup, the Capri S2 preamplifier delivers the trademark Rowland musicality, resolution, and consistent authority.

 ( We have this system paired with Jeff Rowland's Model 125 Pair mono block Amplifiers )

Brinkmann Edison Mark 2

Line stage »Marconi« Mk II  

Now on demonstration.

In an industry where products often change like fashion, Marconi has defied obsolescence, remaining relevant for more than 15 years and becoming a High End classic. Now, Brinkmann proudly announces Marconi Mk II, destined to define a new standard of sonic excellence. Although the line preamplifier is easily taken for granted, its three jobs — input selection, volume control and the ability to drive any cable and amplifier load — are essential to proper system performance. Fulfilling these functions without signal loss or influence upon musical integrity constitutes one of the greatest challenges in electronics design.  

As expected, Brinkmann didn‘t accept any compromises when developing Marconi. Our volume control, for instance, is purely electronic and works on two levels. First, the sensitivity or “Trim” of each of the six inputs can be adjusted individually and saved, thus eliminating the disturbing jumps in volume when switching between sources. Second, the “Master” volume control consists of a motorized potentiometer that can be operated either remotely or from the front panel. This potentiometer digitally controls ICs which in turn adjust the playback volume passively with discrete resistors in precise steps of 0.5 dB.  

Immunity from noise can only be achieved with balanced signal processing. For a stereo preamp, four complete amplifiers—two per channel—are required, as the signal is processed both In-phase and Inverted. Since non-musical artifacts (i.e., noise) influence the in- and out-of-phase signals to precisely the same degree (known as “Common-Mode Noise”) they can be eliminated at the input of the amplifier because the inverting and non-inverting signals cancel each other. This ability to cancel noise (known as “Common-Mode Rejection”) justifies, in our opinion, the doubled parts count and complexity of the circuit.  
[Marconi: click to enlarge]

We use a vacuum tube phase inverter stage because tubes operate with virtually zero voltage delay, delivering an inverted signal that is a perfect mirror image of its non-inverted counterpart: essential for Common-Mode Rejection. The tubes reside in two oversized, side-mounted heat sinks, ensuring ideal operating temperature and long tube life. The remote handset facilitates input selection, volume control (including mute) and phase inversion. A comprehensive front panel display provides Input, Volume and Phase status.  

Since the development of the original Marconi, Brinkmann Audio’s unique hybrid circuit, employing bipolar transistors and Telefunken NOS tubes, has evolved, reaching its full potential in our latest designs: the Edison Mk II Phono Preamplifier and Nyquist Mk II Streaming DAC. These advancements have now been implemented in Marconi Mk II. This circuit, employed as the output in Edison and Nyquist, has been adapted for use as the input circuit in Marconi Mk II. Marconi’s traditional strengths are now augmented by lower noise, a more detailed and three-dimensional presentation, greater clarity, improved synergy with soft-sounding systems and increased tube life. The “Mk II” redesign required two completely new Printed Circuit Boards; more importantly, hundreds of hours of painstaking fine-tuning by Helmut Brinkmann have yielded an instrument that communicates music with greater realism, enabling—in the best Brinkmann tradition— closer connection between system and listener

Bryston BP17 3

 My trip to Munich in May of 2018 allowed me to listen to some incredible systems. I was passing by the Bryston room and decided to see what they were up to. It was one of the best decisions. Their setup sounded amazing. I had to order the complete system.
The Bryston BP17³ is a state-of-the-art analog stereo preamplifier, utilizing software control which allows for numerous features and functions. The BP17³ delivers incredible sonic performance while still adhering to traditional, fully discrete, analog circuits throughout the preamplifier. The BP17³ includes the patented Salomie circuit found in all Cubed Series amplifiers and incorporates much of the existing architecture developed for the Bryston B135³ Integrated Amplifier and SP3 Surround Sound Processor. Additionally, new to the BP17³ are two pairs of Balanced (XLR) inputs as well as a pair of balanced outputs which can be configured as either variable or a fixed, allowing compatibility with the BHA-1 Headphone Amplifier (or other balanced input headphone amplifier).
Inputs: 2x Balanced Pairs (XLR), 5x Single Ended Pairs (RCA)
Outputs: 2x Balanced Pairs (XLR), 2x Single Ended Pairs, ¼” Headphone Jack
Control: RS-232 (DB9), IR

You can also add a MM Phono Card with this Pre-Amplifier
Retail price $4495.00
Always in stock.
Matches well with 3B Cubed at $5495.00 2 channel 200WPC, 4B-3 at $6695.00 2 ch at 300WPC, 7b-3 Monoblock at $6695.00 each 600WPC -- Always in stock. Immediate delivery
14B-3 at $10,995.00 and 28B-3 Mono Block at $11995.00 each 1KW per channel.
Matching Phono stage and DACs / Streamers in stock.


Brand new design arriving at Sunny's !
This unit will be equipped with a phono stage.
Overall Gain: 58dB at 1kHz
Tube Compliment: 4-6922 or 6H23EB twin-triodes, graded & matched
Weight: 20.5 lbs, 24 lbs (shipping weight)
Dimensions: 19″W x 3.5″H standard rack
Chassis is 17″W x 11″D x 3″H
Power Supply, 6″W x 10″D x 5″H
Muting:45 second warm-up and automatic brown-out protection
Power Requirements: 115-125VAC, 60Hz
45 watt maximum. 6 foot IEC Line Cord, supplied
Optional 100, 220, 230, 240 50-60Hz transformers.
Gain: 28dB at 1kHz
Frequency Response: +/- .25dB of RIAA from 20hz to 20kHz
Signal Phase: Non-Inverting
Signal to Noise: 74dB below a 5mV input wideband
Distortion: Less than .015% at 20 kHz
Input Impedance: 47 kOhms
Phono Overload: 1.2v rms at 1 kHz (100k load)
750mv rms at 1 kHz (IHF load)
Gain: 30dB, Tape & S/S Processor 0dB
Frequency Response: Within +/-1 dB
2Hz to 100kHz measured w 1-1 probe
(50 kOhms, 100pf load)
Signal to Noise: 90dB below 1.5V rms output wideband
Input Impedance: 50kOhm – all
Output Impedance: Main-1.2 kOhms, Tape-150 Ohms
Distortion: .10% at 1.5V rms, 20-50 kHz, into 50kOhm load. Less than .12% THD at 1v out into IHF load
Signal Phase: Main Outputs – Inverting
Tape Outputs – Non-Inverting
Maximum Input: 9v rms.

T+A P10 2 2 units in stock.

 An Anniversary edition component that is amazing.
T+A has always designed amazing electronic units.
Here is a fine example of an amazing unit that performs above and beyond its price point.

AMAZING Pre-Amplifier matches well with the T+A M-10 Mono Blocks.
Total item sale at $35000.00

Meridian 818V3 Reference Audio Core

The reference Sooloos end point, and pre-amplifier with a DAC.

Store Demonstration unit at $12995.00

T+A P1260R

This was a reference pre-amplifier of none other than Niel Gader from The Absolute Sound.
We have this amazing unit which was our store demonstration model for sale.
This unit can now be purchased for $3795.00


Brand new design arriving at Sunny's !
This unit will be equipped with a phono stage.