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Analog Source: Phono Stages

Audio Research Reference Phono 10

ARC's first two-chassis phono stage, and a true ultra-high-end reference product. We have one on the floor with a Brinkmann Spyder source, a Ref 10 pre, and Reference 750 power amps, and Wilson Audio Alexandria XLF loudspeakers.  

Audio Research Reference Phono 3

We have this amazing phono stage with a Brinkmann Bardo turntable, ARC Ref 250 SE's, and Wilson Audio Yvette speakers.   

T+A R Series

T+A offers phono stages in all its integrated amplfiers and many of its pre-amplifiers as an inexpensive plug-in card. Its G2000 turntable comes with a built-in phono stage, as close as possible to the cartridge.

Audio Research LP1

We have just one unit left of this neat little tube phono stage.   

Arcam iPhono now in stock $600.00

Designed specifically to replace an in-built phono amplifier or to add a turntable connection to your existing amplifier, the rPhono is the latest addition to the rSeries.
The rPhono benefits from Arcam’s more than forty years of analogue audio expertise and uses the finest quality parts in a layout that is optimised for low noise and minimum distortion. The multi-layer PCB allows our designers to maximise the quality of the ground plane so that interference between components is further reduced. The use of multiple, low-noise, individually regulated power supplies ensures the rPhono delivers the cleanest signal to the audiophile quality output stage.
Featuring a wealth of features specifically designed for optimal matching of your turntable’s cartridge, the rPhono is the perfect solution for the vinyl lover. Moving coil users benefit from precision impedance matching using high-quality trimmers instead of discrete steps, while moving magnet users have a wide variety of capacitance options. An optionally selectable low frequency “rumble” filter eliminates the effects of warping or pressing irregularities, which can be present on some vinyl.
Precision components give excellent RIAA response and classleading performance figures, meaning the rPhono will delight all music-lovers.
The rPhono is a simple way to improve the performance regardless of turntable and brings Arcam quality sound to any system.
The rPhono will be available from Q1 2017.

Musical Fidelity V-LPS

A perfect pairing with the Rega RP1 or RP2. In fact, buy an RP2 from us, and we'll give you this unit free. Original retail $199.