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We have the ability to design and execute your high-end home theater dreams. We also have home theaters on display. Please visit our store for a complete design consultation.
Manufacturers we carry are Meridian Audio, Arcam, Marantz, Lexicon, Theta Digital. Speakers by Meridian, Wilson Audio, Aerial Acoustics, GoldenEar Technologies, Vienna Acoustics, Sonance, and more.

Meridian Theater Products
Explore our collection of beautifully engineered audio and visual equipment
Meridian specializes in building products that perform in theater and music environments. Sunny's and Meridian offer complete, detailed home theater consultations. We measure your room, and present a solution that's as technical as you'd like, complete with ideal SPL levels, viewing angles and projector requirements. With Meridian's in-wall speakers, the set-up can be as unobtrusive as you'd like.  

Meridian's partnerships give us access to some of the best home-theatre products in the world: 
Barco Residential: Belgian manufacturer of high-end projectors
DT Screens: Scottish manufacturer of high-performance screens that are easy to install
CATS Room Acoustic Panels: The Cinema Acoustic Treatment System that looks and sounds good

KEF R Series NEW Speakers.

The benchmark by which all KEF loudspeakers are judged, the Reference Series, is the home of cutting-edge technological innovation. Innovations that are the result of diligent, creative research and development by the very best engineers in the business. But innovation doesn’t stop at Reference, and the new R Series is the beneficiary of many of the technologies, materials and developments made in the creation of the Reference Series.

KEF's R700 based store Demonstration Theater Package for sale
This Package includes
1. 1 pair R-700 Piano Black Floorstanding speakers.
2. 1 each R600 Center channel speaker
3. 1 pair R-50 Atmos speakers
4. 1 pair Subwoofers.

Lexicon ZX-7. Retails at $8000.00 Call us for great deals with Processors.

Lexicon ZX-7 300WPC 7 channel amplifier for sale NEW

The ZX-7 features a true balanced topology. Each of its seven channels consists of two amplifier stages, one for  each side — both positive and negative — of the wave form. The positive input signal is amplified by
the positive amplifier and the negative input signal is amplified by the
negative amplifier when a balanced signal is applied to the input. This
approach lowers noise, lowers distortion, and eliminates interference
from external stray electronic fields. Music reproduction benefits from a
cleaner soundstage and increased dynamics, while the presentation of
subtle detail is improved appreciably due to the significantly lower
noise floor.
Along with its exceptional sonic performance, the ZX-7 is equipped with
sophisticated protection capabilities. Advanced optically coupled
protection circuitry safeguards the ZX-7 from damage caused by excessive
heat, short-circuits, device failures, miswiring, internal faults and
reactive loads, plus it protects loudspeakers from DC and frequencies
below 10Hz. Because the protection circuitry is optically coupled for
each channel, it is completely isolated from the audio signal path —
eliminating any potential degradation of the audio signal inherent in
traditional protection schemes.

A formidable combination of power and finesse, the ZX-7 is the obvious
choice for audio enthusiasts looking for maximum performance from their
listening systems.


NAD M17-V2 New in box always in stock. This is a reference Home cinema Processor.

Surround Yourself with Perfection
The M17 V2 carries on the enviable task of representing NAD’s finest surround sound performance. Infinite possibilities await thanks to the M17 V2’s most impressive feature, Modular Design Construction (MDC), NAD’s proven method for preventing premature obsolescence. Dolby Atmos® and DTS-HD™ Master Audio combine with Dirac Live® Room Correction to deliver hyper-realism that captures every dimension of a performance. Add bit-perfect 4K UHD video processing and the M17 V2 delivers the most accurate sound and image experience you’ve ever had. The M17 V2 is second-to-none in terms of flexibility and up-to-the-minute digital technology.
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Meridian Audio's G65 Processor great for Theaters and 2 Channel Audio.

We at Sunny's have the G65 on display with the 5200SE speakers and the 5200HC Center channel.
Here are a few points that make this processor so compelling now that the price has been reduced to $5000.

·         Amazing DAC technology – This is the best DAC we make outside of the 800 series!
·         Studio quality ADC’s which allow us to make the most of any analogue signals.
·         Linear PSU like we use on 800 series for incredibly low noise and superb sound quality
·         Local power supplies for each board to reduce noise
·         Balanced digital in via the Speakerlink connector for MS200, MS600 etc.
·         True balanced analogue outputs for no loss of quality
·         Ability to power MS200 via Speakerlink, giving the same performance as connecting the MS200 to the Prime Power Supply!
·         Dual FIFO isolation on all digital inputs giving class leading (and even the class above!) jitter performance
·         Analogue and digital volume control for shortest signal path and greatest signal to noise ratio
·         Meridian Room Correction – Essential for room optimisation
·         Easy to integrate a sub into a two channel system with full, correct bass management
·         Trigger output for control of the G57 (and G55)
·         Unique ‘size’ function to protect passive speakers and subwoofers
·         Intelligent chassis design to isolate typically ‘noisy’ functions from more sensitive signals
·         Glass and Aluminium/alloooominum construction – Is there a cooler looking design?
·         Proper balance controls that delay the signal and reduce the volume on analogue speakers too; just like on DSP speakers
·         Proudly designed and built in Great Britain

And, lastly, it can make an excellent two channel pre-amp as well!  So do not think of the G65 as a surround-only product.

Meridian G65 Processor

Some Great ideas on making Meridian G65 Based Cinema systems.

1. G65 Retail Price $7000. Now on special promotion for a limited time at $5000.
HD621 Video processor $3000. now on special promotion at $2000.
5200SE Speakers $20,000.00 a pair and 5200HC SE Center Channel at $10,000.00
M6 Digital Active speaker pair for $5000.00 a pair. Total price $42000.00

2. You can substitute the 5200SE to the 7200SE Retails for $46000.00

3. You can substitute the 5200SE with 8000SE Retails for $80,000.00
 ( Factory Demonstration model available in Ruby Red )

Salamander Designs Audio Video Stands

This is audio furniture that doesn't look too technical but still serves to isolate components and keep them ventilated. They are available in a huge range of styles and sizes. You are sure to find the Salamander audio stand to suit your home. 

@Martin Logan Theater products.

This is audio furniture that doesn't look too technical but still serves to isolate components and keep them ventilated. They are available in a huge range of styles and sizes. You are sure to find the Salamander audio stand to suit your home.