Sunny's High Performance Audio Purchasing Event featuring CH Precision electronics and Stenheim Loudspeakers from Switzerland.

Date: August 23rd and 24th 2019

Time: 11.00am through 6.00pm

Please join us for this very special two day High Performance Event, featuring CH Precision!

Ralph Sorrentino from CH Precision will attend both days and will be on hand, as well as our team, to answer questions and book private consultations to address your high end audio needs.

We will feature a system with the recently reviewed M1.1 Amplifier, a L1 Pre-Amplifier, a P1 Phono Amplifier in a Mono setup using 2 each with a X1 Dual Power Supply, a C1 DAC, D1 SACD Player, We will also feature the I1 Integrated Amplifier, the new A 1.5 Amplifier and will also use Stenheim’s Alumine 5 speakers for this demo.

AudioQuest's Dragon Power Cables and their Mythical Creatures speaker cables. 2 Niagara Power conditioners and a HRS SXR Signature Audio Stand. Turntables from Brinkmann and Technics SL-1000R will be available for this event.

Pete Solderberg from Martin Logan will introduce the Neolith ESL speakers in our store.
We also carry a complete array of products from Martin Logan including a complete Martin Logan Cinema with in-Wall speakers.
Pete will be available for all questions regarding Trade-in, trade-ups and new project advice.

We will also have speakers from Vandersteen Audio's Model 7 and Avant Garde's Uno Fino speakers.

Very limited seating so please make reservations by messaging or emailing us directly.

Fantastic Lunch, Champagne and wine will be served throughout the day.

This event will be the best possible time to make your CH Precision purchases.