Digital Source: DACs

Meridian Ultra DAC

Effortlessly navigate even the largest collection with Sooloos, and serve up analog audio to even a reference system with this world-class DAC. And remember Meridian invented MQA, so yes, of course it supports MQA.

Meridian 818V3 Reference Audio Core

The reference Sooloos end point, and pre-amplifier with a DAC.

Meridian 808V6

This reference CD-player allows you to access its DAC with multiple digital inputs.

Audio Research DAC 9 

Audio Research is doing a fantastic job with its Foundation Series, and it helps that it looks really good too, without losing the industrial aesthetic that we love about ARC. This DAC has a vacuum-tube output stage, and it sounds beautiful. 

Aurender A10 streamer, server, and DAC

The server has 4TB onboard storage, and a 120GB SSD cache. But this version also has analog outputs, with a dual mono DAC and XLR or RCA outputs. Run it as a server with the USB output, or use it as a digital source and preamp, with a velocity-sensitive volume knob.
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