Standmount/Bookshelf Loudspeakers

Stenheim Alumine 2 and Alumine 2 SE Starting at $11,990-$14950
Factory stands are $2490.00 Light or shiny Dark Grey finishes.

Made in Switzerland, the new full aluminum bookshelf Alumine TWO SE speaker combines unparalleled expertise and years of research to bring  exceptional sound. Technical development of this Special Edition has been highly inspired by the world acclaimed Alumine FIVE Signature loudspeaker.
With Stenheim, rediscover the sense – and sensation – of hearing. Hear the music vibrate and shine as it reveals the musician’s sensitivity and emotion along with the beauty of the composition. At last, listening is infused with a concert atmosphere, the audience’s energy and enthusiasm.
Some manufacturers focus on the sensory, others on technology. Stenheim’s approach merges the two, because the company understands the relationship between real physical constraints and their impact on the subjective quality of listening. Ignoring the trendy, Stenheim products are built to last. This is why they’ve chosen simple elegance and neutral, rich and clear tones, highlighting the beauty of the music and nothing else.
With Stenheim, rediscover engagement with music and sensation of immersive listening.

The Alumine represents a substantial deviation from conventional speaker design.
With high efficiency, the Alumine permits the use of high quality but lower powered amplifiers. Unparalleled speed combined with beautiful and rich tone elevates Stenheim from all too common audiophile fireworks and overhyped, but ultimately fatiguing designs.
With the ability to customize the finish with endless possibilities, aesthetic sentiments are addressed. With no exposed fasteners or screws, our watch industry team has created a fluid and stunning achievement in contemporary speaker design.
In an age of obsessive consumerism and product choice, Stenheim believes in pride of ownership and longevity. And while the Alumine manifests this philosophy, it is truly inspired by the passion and love for music.

Technical Specifications
Passive 2 ways with front Bass Reflex Design
Frequency response : 45Hz – 30kHz
Power handling : 100W IEC, 200 W (peak)
Recommended amplifier from 10W to 200W
Sensivity : 93 dB SPL/2.83V/1m (measured in a semi-reverberant room)
SPL max : 109 dB
Nominal impedance : 8 Ohms (minimum 6 Ohms)
Dimensions : H 330mm x W 230mm x D 275mm
Weight : 17 Kg each
Woofer: One 16.51 cm (6.5in) High-strength cellulose fiber cone impregnated and coated on both sides with damped resins
Tweeter : One 2.54cm (1in) Fabric dome, loaded by a small horn machined in the 15 mm aluminium front plate
Air core inductors, Polypropylene capacitors, Metal film resistors
Special finitions on demand : Light shiny Grey, Dark shiny grey, Full Black, Wood veneer (Macassar Ebony, Walnut), Leather veneer (Caramel, dark red), Fall’art concept (unique artwork), Ferrari red, Raw aluminium, etc.
Special Edition SE with ultimate components (crossover, internal wiring and connectors)
Warranty : 5 years

Vandersteen VLR Special edition CT Speakers

One of our favorite standmount speakers.
Accurately reproducing the signal from the amplifier requires preserving
all of the delicate time-domain relationships that comprise music.
Because there isn't enough physical real estate to time align such a
compact speaker, making a time- and phase-coherent speaker in such  a
small box requires the use of coaxially-mounted drivers like the
woofer/tweeter used here. This custom built driver features the carbon
tweeter technology only found on Vandersteens finest products.  The
result is all the coherence and dimensional purity one expects from a
classic Vandersteen in a gorgeous and versatile little speaker.
VLR CT Specifications
Coaxial Woofer/Tweeter
6.5” Mineral-Filled Polycone with Die-Cast Basket with 1” Patented Perfect Piston™ Tweeter
Recommended Amplification
30-100 Watts Into 8 Ohms
Frequency Response
64Hz – 40kHz +/- 3dB
86 dB, 1 meter2.83 volt input
8 ohms nominal 5 ohms minimum
First order/6dB per octave, 3.5kHz
Input Terminals
Barrier strips, 7/16" max width
Dimensions (WHD)
8” x 12” x 11.5” 
22 lbs. Ea. Net
Country of Manufacture
Made in the USA

$3075.00 a pair

T+A TCD 410

The TCD 410 R is a compact, medium-sized bookshelf speaker which can also be stand-mounted. It is a classic two-way design, and manages the feat of combining the delightful tonal and spatial characteristics of the compact two-way speaker with the bass response and deep bass dynamics of larger floor-standers.
As with all TCD models, the cabinet is extremely solid and resonance-free, because it consists of a rigid internal case permanently bonded to the side panels.The mid and bass range are catered for by the new 17 cm GREYCONE® drive unit, which has a phenomenal performance. Naturally the new Waveguide dome tweeter is employed for the high frequency range. These two drivers harmonise together perfectly, creating tremendous detail fidelity and imaging accuracy. Massive bi-amping terminals, an extremely low-loss cross-over unit with a new form of low-saturation, low-distortion coils, and an accurately tuned bass reflex system are important constituents of this small loudspeaker.
For the two-way system of the TCD 410 R we have developed a completely new 17 cm bass / mid-range driver which offers superb dynamic qualities in the bass range as well as operating effectively in the mid-range, with a completely unfettered, uncoloured and open character. This unit also features our GREYCONE® cone. This consists of air-dried wood fibres and graphite particles, producing an extremely stable, highly damped, amorphous material which eliminates any systematic propagation of structure borne sound in the cone.
To prevent any form of resonance and break-up in the extremely critical mid-range area, the cone incorporates carefully defined slots which are sealed with a special adhesive; this not only stiffens the cone, but also prevents all partial vibration. A carefully optimised phase plug made of machined aluminium ensures homogeneous radiation characteristics up to 4000 Hz and above. The low-profile surround provides good damping, guarantees accurate excursion characteristics and also perfect roll-off and transition qualities in the mid-range / treble-range. The huge magnet forms a perfect unit with the rigid pressure-cast basket. This unique driver endows the entire vocal range with an incredibly musical and pleasant character.

Retail price $5995.00
ON SALE AT $2995.00 a pair

2 pair available ! White and Macassar Ebony.

Technics SB C-700

Probably our favorite budget loudspeaker. A beautiful match for the Technics Premium Class Series. We have special offers on white speakers, and on full system purchases.

Point-Sound-Source Speaker System
Technics’ newly developed flat coaxial two-way speaker unit combines a tweeter for high frequencies and a woofer for mid-range and bass. Because the tweeter is at the center of the woofer, the speaker acts as a point sound source, providing a coherent, integrated sound across the frequency range, without directional anomalies. As a result, the Technics Speaker System deliver a live superb soundstage focus, excellent imaging and the ambience required to deliver the ‘live music’ experience.

Retail price of $1699.00

 Sale at $1295.00

Buy the speakers and get a Technics Integrated SU-C700 for only $1195.00 with MM Phono Stage.

Dali Mentor 1 Cherry finish. Store Demo $1495.00

Buy the speakers and get a Technics Integrated for only $1195.00 with MM Phono Stage.

Dali Rubicon 2 Now on display in Piano Black finish.

Following the design lines of the very popular MENTOR MENUET, the RUBICON series builds on a well known design language and takes it to new heights.
The RUBICON 2 stand loudspeaker is the perfect blend between compact size and large sound performance. With the solid MDF cabinet, the RUBICON 2 has a perfect working environment for its ultra-light 29 mm soft dome tweeter, 6.5 inch wood fibre low-loss driver, and gold-plated terminals. It is rich on detail with an impressive soundstage and has surprisingly large bass reproduction with both precision and timing.
Available in four finishes – HighGloss White, High-Gloss Black, Rosso and Walnut – the RUBICON 2 comes complete with rubber feet to hold it firmly in position and, to help keep it at its aesthetic as well as acoustic best.

DALI Rubicon LCR
The wall-mounted RUBICON LCR is simply born to stand out in both sound performance and design with the hybrid tweeter module and the wood fibre low-loss driver. The compact RUBICON LCR delivers a wide dynamic range, a coherent sound with lots of details all together with a bass response that’s unrivalled in its class. The rotatable hybrid tweeter module makes it possible to use the RUBICON LCR as either the left or right channel, or as a centre speaker. The 6½ inch woofer uses the ingeniously designed bass port to reach maximum bass depth. With the RUBICON LCR, we promise you a sound performance that will dazzle you and leave you with goose bumps.
The RUBICON LCR can be combined with other loudspeakers in the RUBICON range, for instance as part of different surround systems.
The different combinations are varied according to the desired size of surround setup. For a larger setup, combine a pair of RUBICON LCR with a pair of RUBICON 8 or RUBICON 6, a RUBICON VOKAL and a DALI SUB M-10 D. A medium setup is also a possibility, which could include a pair RUBICON 5, a pair of RUBICON LCR, a RUBICON VOKAL and a sub.

Buy the speakers and use a @NAD T758V3 Receiver.
For a really big room you can use a NAD T777 V3 Receiver.

Wilson Audio Duette 2     SALE ! CLEARANCE !!!

The only WIlson Audio standmount loudspeakers. Designed to go against the wall. 

Retails for $22000.00

ON SALE AT $12995.00

Aerial Acoustics Model 5T

Aerials Model 5 T

The Aerial Acoustics Model 5T represents a complete reevaluation of the possibilities of the small speaker. Although replacing the popular and respected 5B, the 5T is a completely new design. It offers significant and measureable improvements in system sensitivity, dynamics, treble delicacy, midrange transparency, and bass extension. Designed specifically for placement 2” to 2’ from a wall, it has already proven to surprise listeners whether in a bookshelf, on a tabletop, or mounted on a stand.
The Model 5T reflects the larger and more expensive Model 6T and Model 7T designs. It shares the same curved cabinet construction, high gloss finish, the same tweeter, similar woofer refinement, and tight-tolerance crossover componentry and wiring.
The cabinet’s extremely rigid and inert curved shape is created by bonding multiple layers of wood together under high pressure for 48 hours in a 20 ton press. The cabinet’s thick walls are further cross-braced. The front baffle is attached to the cabinet face with a hand-chosen environmentally conscious damping glue. The cabinet’s internal volume is damped with New Zealand long-fiber wool specifically chosen for its sonic character. All these steps insure a cabinet capable of reproducing soft or loud music passages without perceivable sonic colorations. Finally, the cabinet is finished in Nero Metallic Black, High Gloss Rosenut, or an all-new premium High Gloss Ebony.
The Aerial 5T features a 1” woven ring-dome dual-magnet tweeter from the 7T, along with a new 6.7” long-stroke papyrus-blend driver custom-made for the 5T. With the optimized high-order multi-element crossover, the result a smooth frequency response from 48 Hz to 23 kHz.
Available in Rosenut and Ebony at $3795.00 a pair

T+A Lignum LGR10

T+A Lignum LGR-10 several finishes available.

Small in size but Unbelievable performance.

This auction is for 1 pair of speakers.

Available in Black, White, Cherry, Maple.

The LGR 10 is a tiny little bookshelf speaker, but it is also extremely well-equipped, with an annular tweeter and a 14 cm long-throw bass / mid-range driver which shares the design of the bass / mid-range units employed in the LGS 10. As a result she is just as dynamic, natural and musical as her larger sisters, and it is only in the bass range that she cannot stoop as low nor handle as much power; nevertheless, she offers a beautifully balanced sound image.Thanks to the sophisticated laminated construction technique the cabinets of the Lignum are rigid and totally resonance-free, even though the side walls are only 10 mm thick.
The real wood surfaces are sealed all round - no gaps or edges to interrupt the perfect design. The three hardwood veneers available are cherry, walnut and maple, and they feature an impressive silk gloss finish. The black and white painted versions also have a silk-gloss finish. Upon request the Lignum-series is also available as a high gloss version.

Nominal power-handling
40 W
Music power-handling
80 W
4 Ohm
Frequency response
50 - 45000 Hz
Power requirement (90 dB / 1m)
2,6 W
Bass drive unit
1 x 140 mm
High-frequency drive unit
1 x 35 mm
Crossover frequencies
2000 Hz
Dimensions (H x B x T)
35 x 15 x 16,5 cm
4 kg
natural maple glossy,
cherry stain glossy,walnut dark glossy, white, black

These speakers work very well with Technics SU-C700 Integrated Amplifier Specially priced at $995. Hegel H-190 NAD M-10 etc
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A beautiful looking speaker that has rightly got a lot of attention from the audio press. 

Regular price $1599.00

ON SALE $1295.00

KEF LSX speakers Desktop or small stereo speakers. 

A beautiful looking speaker that has rightly got a lot of attention from the audio press. 

ON SALE $1095


KEF LS50W Wireless $2100

LS50 Wireless Music System
The LS50 Wireless Music System is a complete and fully active music system. Sharing the same winning acoustic features of KEF’s renowned LS50, LS50 Wireless enables the user to easily enjoy excellent music reproduction, previously only achieved with a system comprised of separate high quality components. Created without compromising on any of LS50's award winning acoustic capabilities, LS50 Wireless adds audiophile-grade amplification and sound processing, as well as extensive connectivity. The LS50 Wireless features Tidal Streaming, is a Roon endpoint providing the ultimate in flexibility and connectivity, and is compatible with all music streaming services.

A complete fully active system

The LS50 Wireless features an end-to-end 192kHz/24-bit high-resolution digital signal path, a streaming pre-amplifier, and two separate DACs for each channel, for a total of four. Powered in the analogue stage by an incredibly fast and clean 230 Watts per channel in a bi-amp dual mono configuration, the LS50 Wireless is a complete, high-fidelity music system that will cost you far less than you’d spend putting together the separate components necessary to match the performance of the LS50 Wireless. LS50 Wireless gives you all of the connectivity options you’ll need to get the most out of your music, including 2.4GHz/5GHz Dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 aptX, Asynchronous USB Type B, TOSLINK Optical, and RCA-type line-level analogue inputs. A dedicated LS50 Wireless app (available for iOS and Android) easily facilitates network setup, music streaming, playback and DSP control.

Ultimate Flexibility

An incredible listening experience is easy as plugging in. Simply connect both LS50 Wireless speakers to a power source and connect an audio source to enjoy high quality sound that music deserves. Adjust how the LS50 Wireless sounds using a selectable EQ tuned to compensate for different mounting scenarios, creating more options for placement and positioning. Regardless of placement, Uni-Q technology disperses sound evenly for total listening enjoyment. Use the touch sensitive control panel or the remote control to ensure complete control of LS50 Wireless from a different aspect. A dedicated iOS or Android app can allow detailed adjustment to optimise sound for different rooms.

 Spotify  ROON TIDAL Qobuz ready.

ELAC Debut B6

The hugely popular speaker designed by Andrew Jones.